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india:    भारत भारतवर्ष
rubber:    रबड़ रबर रेती
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  1. Some brought a new invention an India Rubber combination mattress and water carrier.
  2. In 1884 Montgomery received a patent for a process to vulcanize and de-vulcanize India rubber.
  3. His father was Charles Blundstone, an India rubber merchant who was born in Manchester, England.
  4. The shuttlecocks were coated with India rubber and, in outdoor play, sometimes weighted with lead.
  5. India rubber and elastic began to vie with whalebone to produce the desired compression and support.
  6. Peter Martyr d'Anghiera was an Native Americans and contains, for example, the first European reference to India rubber.
  7. The India Rubber Company operated the factory from 1897 1906; it was succeeded by the International Rubber Company.
  8. North also had investments in the Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company which operated a concession in the Congo Free State.
  9. Rubber yielded huge profits for the state and for companies like the Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company ( ABIR ).
  10. In 1836, Edwin M . Chaffee, of the Roxbury India Rubber Company, patented a four-roll calender to make rubber sheet.
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