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  1. It was an easy way of not inculpating oneself.
  2. No party will be inculpated to be wrong or to have made mistakes in the past.
  3. Beanie was the main person who originally inculpated Kyles even though later there were many eyewitnesses who identified Kyles as the murderer.
  4. The lawyers for Carey and Hamilton questioned Nash's credibility, suggesting that Nash had a huge incentive to inculpate Carey and others to gain leniency in sentencing.
  5. Apparently the only relevant answer the inculpated missionary could make to the charge is the ancient rejoinder " You're another, " which the other doubtless was.
  6. "L . hoffmannii " has been inculpated in human phaeohyphomycosis, leading to the aforementioned abscesses, sinusitis, and mastoiditis, to name a few.
  7. Though aware of his client's guilt, he continued to represent that he was innocent, and, it was thought by some, sought to inculpate another.
  8. King agrees with Harvey's attorney, Peter J . Neufeld, that the evidence could indeed inculpate Harvey and thus that ?1983 was a proper vehicle for bringing the action.
  9. He pretends that the radio is becoming defective but is still swamped by people who are either begging for news, inculpating him, or pretending friendship to get access to the news.
  10. On February 3, L�pez Menses, Garc�a Rodr�guez, and Bonilla Zavaleta, were officially charged by a Veracruz state court after authorities concluded that there were enough evidences to inculpate them.
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  1. suggest that someone is guilty

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