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  1. Sometimes it was entirely incombustible, yet sometimes it burned readily.
  2. Garbage had concealed the hole and prevented it from being filled with incombustible material.
  3. Sometimes the metal was entirely incombustible, but when alloyed with osmium, it would volatilize.
  4. It is incombustible, has no electrolyte and generates a low amount of heat during charge.
  5. Segaritus informed Joseph Tighe, a Centralia councilman, that the pit would require filling with an incombustible material.
  6. Typically this uses nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or argon, which are incombustible gases which can displace oxygen.
  7. Twenty-one years later, with a flush checkbook and an incombustible river, Cleveland has a burgeoning restaurant scene.
  8. Silicate paints are incombustible and free of organic additives or solvents ( DIN 18363 Painting and coating work Section 2.4 . 1 ).
  9. Coal fly ash is what remains after the coal has been combusted, so it consists of the incombustible materials that are found in the coal.
  10. They were designed at the Salt River shops in Cape Town to be able to use the low-grade local coal with its high content of incombustible matter.
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  1. not capable of igniting and burning

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