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• अंतर्विष्‍ट पोषवाह
• अंतर्विष्‍ट फ्लोएम
included:    अंतर्विष्‍ट
phloem:    वल्कल पौधों मे
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  1. The complete Cortex Project was presented as Musco's first solo show in Paris by Acte 2 Galerie, April 2013 and included Phloem, and the Ovum series of nests.
  2. In some other families ( Amaranthaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Salvadoraceae ), the cambium also periodically forms inward strands or layers of phloem, embedded in the xylem : Such phloem strands are called "'included phloem "'or "'interxylary phloem " '.

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