included inversion meaning in Hindi

included inversion sentence in Hindi

• अंतर्विष्‍ट प्रतिलोमन
included:    अंतर्विष्‍ट
inversion:    उत्क्रमण उलटना
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  1. "Fourier Analysis " covers the finite Fourier transforms and their properties, including inversion.
  2. The theme itself is transformed in all sorts of ways, including inversion, reflection, reversal and syncopation, the variety increased by how the two upper voices combine together.
  3. The many " stile antico " features include inversions, suspensions, strettos, use of dactyls and the " canone sine pausa " at the close, where the subject is developed without break in parallel thirds.
  4. Paris'version of Space Mountain is the fastest of the five versions of the ride, the only one to include inversions, and also the only one to feature a portion of track outside the mountain itself ( that being the station and the launch Cannon ).
  5. That so many aspiring yogis would want to be trained in Choudhury's system despite the cost and the relatively small amount of creativity they are able to bring to their classes is a testament to his style of yoga, which does not include inversions, such as headstands, or silent meditation, traditionally considered the most rewarding parts of yoga.

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