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  1. The interference patterns from different photon energes and incident angles are locked in phase.
  2. Additionally, the incident angle and the scattered angle help determine the sample surface topography.
  3. This can be detected by carefully varying the detection angle relative to the incident angle.
  4. Refracted X-rays within this range will be reflected depending on the incident angle.
  5. The delays are closely related to the incident angle and the geometry of the sensor array.
  6. They found that these crystals, at certain specific wavelengths and incident angles, produced intense peaks of reflected radiation.
  7. Given the geometry of the array, the delays or phase differences can be used to estimate the incident angle.
  8. :: High speed with high incident angle to the sea and the seat belt can tear the body in half.
  9. The output wavelength can be tuned over a few hundred nanometers by changing the incident angle ( " ? " ).
  10. This effect is especially a problem in positron accelerations, where electrons are attracted and slingshot into the walls at variable incident angles.

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