in the ordinary way meaning in Hindi

in the ordinary way sentence in Hindi
in:    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
in the:    के दौरान सेवा के
the:    वही यह वह वही वह
ordinary:    जो सब के काम आवे
way:    अयन मार्ग उन्नति
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  1. I was sad when he died, but not in the ordinary way,
  2. The budget for Parliament is drafted by the presidency and voted by Parliament in the ordinary way.
  3. Due to their history as political prisoners, they were unable to enlist in the ordinary way.
  4. They are then pulled, and after the seed has been removed are retted in the ordinary way.
  5. However this was unsuccessful, and Roebuck and his company were obliged to obtain Parliamentary authorisation in the ordinary way.
  6. However, files that are deleted in the ordinary way can be restored by someone with the knowledge and the desire.
  7. Enforcement action taken pursuant to the foregoing may be appealed in the ordinary way to a consensus view of uninvolved administrators.
  8. It is uncertain whether, in the ordinary way, persons charged with commission of the offence were dealt with by indictment.
  9. The directors are to be elected in the ordinary way, to hold office for a certain period, obviously until they retire.
  10. Not in the ordinary way because, when administered through the mouth, they are used up long before they can penetrate the colon.

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