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in so many words sentence in Hindi
सुस्पष्ट शब्द में
सुस्पष्ट शब्द में
in:    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
so:    जिससे इसलिए इस
so many:    इतना उतना इतनी
many:    जनता बहुमत अनेकता
words:    कथन झगड़ा बात बोल
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  1. In so many words Thursday, Vaughn suggested that his bosses are lying.
  2. Brooks accused Frank, in so many words, of being a faux populist.
  3. No one treats Joe this way, Morris said in so many words.
  4. He told me, in so many words, don't do this again ."
  5. He has not yet done so, at least in so many words.
  6. Bruins management doesn't want to say that, not in so many words.
  7. Don't ask me, he told us in so many words, ask them.
  8. In so many words, Costin told Junta that everything was fine.
  9. Not in so many words, but that's what's going to happen.
  10. Suharto warned critics explicitly, in so many words, " Watch out.
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