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in short order sentence in Hindi
शीघ्र ही
in:    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
in short:    संक्षेप में
short:    थोड़ा नाटा अदीर्घ
short order:    तुरन्त भोजन का
order:    प्रणाली अनुशासन
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  1. Captain King and all but one man were executed in short order.
  2. In short order, North Korea allowed the return of five kidnapped Japanese.
  3. In short order, measurement laid out the calculus behind its every wobble.
  4. He took part in three of them in short order in December.
  5. In short order, Japan has become a vital customer for the Europeans.
  6. Bikers, rockers and all manner of reprobates aid Dewey in short order.
  7. The scene is shot in short order, and the production moves on.
  8. In short order, a CIA team led by Allen descends on Berlin.
  9. In short order, his organizer was alerting him to birthdays and appointments.
  10. In short order, Sharif developed three patents and had 10 more pending.
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  1. without delay; "John got ready in short order"
  2. without delay; "John got ready in short order"

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