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• निवास स्थान में
• रिहाइशी
in:    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
residence:    घर टिकाव थान निवास
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  1. As of Friday, there were 533 athletes from 41 countries in residence.
  2. The IRS data show the changes in residence of taxpayers, by county.
  3. Bush was in residence at the Blair House, the presidential guest house.
  4. Stevenson had asked to be named artist in residence at the company.
  5. He retired from UCLA . two years ago as professor in residence.
  6. She is the naturalist in residence at the Utah Natural History Museum.
  7. Bill Clinton and his family were not in residence at the time.
  8. In 1969 Corrigan became philosopher in residence and minister to Amherst College.
  9. The playwright in residence is Bill Irwin, a clown and performance artist.
  10. Butler is now diplomat in residence at the Council on Foreign Relations.
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