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  1. Those in extremis pick up immediately if someone is to be trusted ."
  2. Iran's economy is ( ital ) in extremis ( unital ).
  3. It was decided to " resort to those pressures only in extremis ."
  4. She finished fourth of the twelve runners behind her stable companion In Extremis.
  5. His legionaries evacuated Faulques " in extremis " from the line of fire.
  6. Fuentes and Samzadeh's second album, " In Extremis ", was released in May 2013.
  7. There is something morbidly fascinating about group behavior in extremis.
  8. My kingdom for a horse ! " cries the unhorsed Richard III, in extremis.
  9. "In Extremis ", the Days Between Stations second album, was released May 15, 2013.
  10. In extremis in Watergate, Richard Nixon was on the defense.
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  1. at the point of death
  2. at the point of death

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