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  1. Papo published 217 works in extenso, 13 of which abroad.
  2. Unless you would prefer that I have it copied in extenso, and send you the copy ."
  3. The parallel episodes in the " First Perceval Continuatio " has been summarized by Madden " in extenso ",
  4. The "'Free Royal Cities Act "'( full in extenso " into the Constitution by reference in its Article III.
  5. The importance and interaction between IISC and the space ewas described " in extenso " in a recent article in Space Policy.
  6. The 1938 play caused a diplomatic incident with the German ambassador withdrawing offended by the words'Magna Germania'figuring in extenso on a map of Europe displayed.
  7. I believe the print publication would have more text than the redacted English language translation contains but claims to be an " in extenso " reproduction.
  8. In his essay, Marcel Pagnol reproduced " in extenso " the letter from the ambassador de Rouvigny to Louis XIV, which denounced the conspirator and his accomplices.
  9. In his book, Paul cites " in extenso " a journal entered under oath by eyewitness Anthony Casteel regarding a resumption of hostilities the following spring, and concludes by noting
  10. The discussion leads nowhere, it is tiring to revert all the time, and the pro-life point is mentioned in extenso elsewhere in the text .-- Fenice 16 : 57, 1 Jun 2005 ( UTC)
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