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  1. As such I can't in all conscience vote'delete '.
  2. He replied that, in all conscience, he could not work solely for Afghanistan or the United States.
  3. "And, in all conscience, I cannot ask it to depart if it could endanger the crew's lives ."
  4. Ye re young enough, in all conscience, but gin ye wish to gang far, ye ll hae to wark hard and keep at it.
  5. "In all conscience, the church cannot outrightly condemn casino gambling, " said the West Indian who heads a church in the Westchester suburb of Mount Vernon.
  6. We have a particular concern for those who in all conscience feel bound to dissent from the teaching and practice of their province in such matters.
  7. Berwick in all conscience could not remain with the Colonel of The Blues'Troop he had served since 1682; he refused to betray his old " patronne ".
  8. In all conscience, I ask the authorized voices of Europe to recall that instability in exchange rates is not in the interest of Europe, nor the United States,
  9. The right to "'freedom of religion in the United Kingdom "'is provided for in all conscience, and religion; and the policy of the British government is to support religious freedom.
  10. If my experience as an Arbitrator does not convince people that I am able to continue to do so, then I don't think they should in all conscience support me.

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