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• टकराना
impinge:    आघट्टन अतिक्रमण
on:    लगातार लगा हुआ आगे
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  1. Trichet also denied the spelling rule would impinge on Europe's cultural diversity.
  2. In the intervening year, Diana has impinged on me again and again.
  3. And after 25 years, they are beginning to impinge on the host.
  4. Keeping an old car also impinges on the busy schedule of things.
  5. And most potential common areas impinge on the central disagreement about abortion.
  6. War seems far away, but is soon to impinge on their lives.
  7. Arabs say it impinges on a basic right : travel without hindrance.
  8. Her career will not be allowed to impinge on her child's happiness.
  9. Does the traditional craft linkage with vessels impinge on these sculptural aspirations?
  10. These enhancements would further reduce the potential for impinging on civil liberties,
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  1. hit against; come into sudden contact with; "The car hit a tree"; "He struck the table with his elbow"
    synonyms:, , ,

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