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  1. Henry, strongly indignant, remains unconvinced, immovably standing his ground.
  2. Azalin's phylactery is an enormous golden dragon skull, which is almost immovably heavy.
  3. For their installation here, the paintings were backed with industrial-strength magnets that grip the metal walls immovably.
  4. Rincewind, of course, remains immovably convinced that Twoflower's IQ is comparable to that of a pigeon.
  5. Serious bites cause limbs to become immovably flexed as a result of significant hemorrhage or coagulation in the affected muscles.
  6. In action, a heavy timber platform was constructed embedded in the ground, on which the mortar base was immovably secured.
  7. For many months in half darkness, Theseus sat immovably fixed to the rock, mourning for both his friend and for himself.
  8. As to the massive evidence against Saddam _ old or new or freshly declassified _ Byrd is happy to remain blissfully and immovably blind.
  9. He left surrounded by fascination and great celebrity : abrasive, infuriating, but plugged, immovably, into a vein of the nation ."
  10. Harewood and Pountney had been immovably opposed to surtitles, as both believed that opera in English was pointless if it could not be understood.
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  1. so as to be incapable of moving; "the mountains brooded immovably above the river"
  2. so as to be incapable of moving; "the mountains brooded immovably above the river"

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