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  1. Authorities urged illiterate voters to bring family members to help them vote.
  2. They discouraged participation by the lower classes and illiterate voters.
  3. How could they hold elections with so many illiterate voters?
  4. An estimated four million illiterate voters are registered nationwide.
  5. On the ballots, candidates and parties were identified by symbols to help the many illiterate voters.
  6. Irregularities included missing ballot boxes, manipulation of illiterate voters and denial of access to vote counting.
  7. In Cairo, all illiterate voters questioned by The Associated Press said symbols did not affect their choice.
  8. However, the law does permit agents of candidates and electoral officials to help illiterate voters mark their ballots.
  9. The number actually refers to the party's electoral registration number, a system designed to make balloting easier for illiterate voters.
  10. Mr Justice Woo revealed illiterate voters could seek help from the responsible returning or deputy officers at the polling precincts.

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