identified target meaning in Hindi

identified target sentence in Hindi

• पहचान लक्ष्य
identified:    पहचाना लक्ष्य
target:    कार्य क्षेत्र
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  1. DNA microarray technology measures the relative activity of previously identified target genes.
  2. Then, later in the afternoon, the Tora-Toras struck with precision identified targets at Camp Aguinaldo.
  3. That is to say that you have an identified target that you feel would be worthwhile to attack.
  4. The military was attacking " identified targets " in the Mullaittivu district, said spokesman Major D . Ranawaka.
  5. As the team surveys the identified targets, the killer strikes one house but escapes when the agents attempt to arrest him.
  6. "The airstrikes were delivered on previously identified targets and hard-to-access mountainous areas, " military headquarters in Khankala said, according to Interfax news agency.
  7. But the main reason for the limited number of carrier strikes, they say, is that the number of identified targets in Afghanistan is also limited.
  8. The indictment said the white government secretly trained 200 Inkatha men in tactics like " house penetration " and " attacks on identified targets ."
  9. It set out the role of the sector in national development, stated the policy objectives and identified targets as well as strategies to be pursued.
  10. This led to artillery, mortar, and small arms fires being directed at the Marine Corps positions  with appropriate, measured response being taken against identified targets.
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