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  1. The first report of suspected iatrogenic CJD was published in 1974.
  2. Iatrogenic theories propose that medical interventions were responsible for HIV origins.
  3. Currently, the most common cause of esophageal perforation is iatrogenic.
  4. These small iatrogenic atrial septal defects usually disappear within six months.
  5. The iatrogenic model also sometimes states that treatment for DID is harmful.
  6. He also pointed out the iatrogenic effects of neuroleptic drugs.
  7. Iatrogenic causes like endoscopic perforation may also give football sign.
  8. Unlike an adverse event, an iatrogenic effect is not always harmful.
  9. Knowledge of these variations is important in preventing iatrogenic injuries in this region.
  10. Symmastia can either be a congenital anomaly or iatrogenic.
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  1. induced by a physician''s words or therapy (used especially of a complication resulting from treatment)

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