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  1. Hymie was charged with treason and arrested on 13 December 1956.
  2. Hymie was then subjected to a banning order in March 1964.
  3. However, Hymie and Slug return before he can load it.
  4. Hymie is usually considered to be a derogatory term for a Jew.
  5. Both Hymie and Esther were required to report to the Police weekly.
  6. Hymie Barsel was accused in the 1956 Treason Trial.
  7. Rollins says " Hymie " and he is still on the Dole.
  8. In 1926, Capone had Hymie Weiss killed.
  9. Esther and Hymie we not allowed to attend religious services or meet with friends.
  10. After the Mabbys leave, Hymie assigns Dimples to keep an eye on Lambert.
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  1. (ethnic slur) offensive term for a Jew
    synonyms:, ,

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