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ह् यूमेरस
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  1. In conjunction with the femur, the humerus suggests arboreal quadrupedalism.
  2. How durable are intramedullary pins, fixated in the humerus bone?
  3. Even this is only known from a single damaged right humerus.
  4. It was confirmed to have previously existed by a single humerus.
  5. The humerus ( upper arm bone ) lacks an entepicondylar foramen.
  6. And they found a humerus, a bone of the upper arm.
  7. Barham presumably played on the connection between humerus and humorous.
  8. That Saunders'humerus was fractured indicates how tremendously it was stressed.
  9. The arm was moderately long with a somewhat robust humerus.
  10. The humerus of the type specimen is 134 centimetres long.
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  1. bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow

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