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  1. Human occupancy adds a significant amount of humidity to the indoor environment.
  2. A warning sign read, " This structure is unfit for human occupancy ."
  3. The act restricts construction of buildings designed for human occupancy across potentially active faults.
  4. Legally, the Act only applies to structures for human occupancy ( houses, apartments, condominiums, etc . ).
  5. The tang of protracted human occupancy filled its interior, and it sprouted external modules of every kind.
  6. The larger building was designed to securely store explosives and ordnance and was not intended for human occupancy.
  7. There are also several areas within CERA where evidence of previous human occupancy and use can be found.
  8. The term " building " used by these lists refers to single structures that are suitable for continuous human occupancy.
  9. But the job of environmental restoration after years of human occupancy is a big one that the wildlife agency cannot afford.
  10. Normally, the " Life Safety Code " is used by architects and designers of vehicles and vessels used for human occupancy.

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