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मानव हित

मानव स्पर्शी
human:    मनुष्य इन्सान
interest:    रुचि अनुराग लाभ
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  1. We thought it was a neat human interest part of the story,
  2. She is the ultimate human interest story about the people of Afghanistan,
  3. It also offers human interest stories and profiles, among its regular features.
  4. Human interest now easily beats political interest and sometimes even national interest.
  5. It is clearly in the human interest that the tests be stopped.
  6. Most other " sources " are human interest stories from local papers.
  7. They put the human interest in there, as well as the slapstick.
  8. The study said human interest stories were not necessarily devoid of news.
  9. At the same time, the show has compelling human interest, Potts said.
  10. Their venom might also be of human interest for their antimicrobial uses.
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