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  1. But she was late for the liaison and Cain hotfoots it to a willing Ollie.
  2. Gaby and Renee emerge and when the limo is gone they hotfoot it to the wedding.
  3. Snowy winters mean strong boot sales, and hot summers generally induce consumers to hotfoot it to footwear boutiques.
  4. When I used to see how frumpy I looked on-screen, I'd hotfoot it down to wardrobe and try to lose a few of her outfits ."
  5. And just in case anyone wants to hotfoot it barefoot for 26.2 miles through the streets of Atlanta, they'll have a plastic ankle bracelet to hold the chip in place.
  6. Or will he hotfoot it to the perimeter and create chaos over there, as he did with a 42-yard touchdown run against Oregon in 1997 and another bolt of 46 yards in September against BYU?
  7. I don't even mind having to hotfoot it to the school office when I discover I'm the only teacher on the hall who didn't know we were having shortened periods and a pep rally.
  8. A hot air balloon he was riding in during filming of a commercial crashed in a bean field, and he had to hotfoot it across the field in full costume chased by a farmer and a pack of dogs . ( He got away .)
  9. Both plays end with the same line, " Ah well, that's life, I suppose, " and an extended curtain call, as the 32-strong company hotfoot it through the National's backstage labyrinth to take their bows in two separate auditoriums . ( Ayckbourn estimates the dash can take 87 seconds .)
  10. The facts, said Felder, were that Giuliani is impotent due to his cancer medication, and therefore cannot have sexual relations with his girlfriend at Gracie Mansion or anywhere else; that the mayor sleeps in a guest room while his wife keeps the master bedroom for herself; that Giuliani and Nathan once had to hotfoot it out of Gracie just steps ahead of a seething Hanover; and that Hanover uses noisy exercise equipment at 5 a . m ., disturbing the mayor's sleep.
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