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  1. Sarajevo's hostelry is a landmark symbol of proud defiance.
  2. High-rise hostelry has its place in bustling city centers.
  3. In most cases the horses were kept at Inns or Hostelries.
  4. The local hostelry is The Black Lion situated on Marlow Road.
  5. There were a number of hostelries to provide accommodations for pilgrims.
  6. And the Contemporary is far from the most expensive of Disney hostelries.
  7. Then I awakened in a Portola hostelry named after a train car.
  8. The location of old Furka today is called Anishte ( hostelries ).
  9. Increasing tourist traffic also generated business for the line and surrounding hostelries.
  10. The upper floor of the ell retains its original hostelry room layout.
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  1. a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
    synonyms:hostel, inn, lodge, auberge

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