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hoop:    हलका चक्करदार
iron:    कठोरता पिस्तौल
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  1. Hoop iron bond is used in the walls to a considerable extent.
  2. The front verandah is enclosed using laced hoop iron.
  3. Around 1828 he established the Ulster Iron Works to produce bar and hoop iron.
  4. The hoop iron was originally used at the wool scour to bind wool bale packs and wool bales.
  5. Another notable feature of the house is the use of laced hoop iron to provide screening for the verandah.
  6. The board ends are protected either by metal plates called hoop irons or sometimes nail plates, which often have the company name stamped into them.
  7. Import taxes on iron goods, both raw and manufactured, amounted to almost two thirds of their price overall and exceeded 100 % on many items such as nails and hoop iron.
  8. When they were finished we put them together with rust made of nitric acid, old iron and lead, and bound them with a piece of hoop iron, covering them completely with rust ".
  9. The place shows an early construction method with the wall top plate for the roof tied down with hoop iron straps which come down from the outside and are built into the mortar course two brick courses down.
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