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• समयुग्मजी अवस्था
homozygous:    समयुगमजी समयुग्म
state:    सरकार अवस्था
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  1. In the homozygous state, it is apparently lethal.
  2. The homozygous state for Hb Lepore is rare.
  3. Therefore, it remains to be proven whether all equine dominant white mutations cause embryonic lethality in the homozygous state.
  4. Only lethal in the homozygous state, the mutations are associated with white-spotted coats, deafness, and megacolon caused by intestinal agangliosis.
  5. In the case of LWS, a single copy of the EDNRB mutation, the heterozygous state, produces an identifiable trait, but with a very different outcome from the homozygous state.
  6. Specific investigations of this gene have identified 78del85 and 965del59 mutations in a homozygous state, while some mutations could not be identified due to no PDHX mRNA being expressed in the individuals.
  7. More recently, dominant white and sabino were distinguished from one another on the grounds that dominant white alleles produce nonviable embryos in the homozygous state, while " Sabino 1 " was viable when homozygous.
  8. A mutation ( c . 947A > T ) in CYP2U1 has been associated in a very small number of patients with Hereditary spastic paraplegia in that it segregates with the disease at the homozygous state in two afflicted families.
  9. The human c . 772G > A transition results in low levels of three different mutant " Mybpc3 " mRNAs and cMyBP-Cs in homozygous mice, suggesting a combination of haploinsufficiency and polypeptide poisoning as disease mechanism in the homozygous state.
  10. Bruce Wallace, working with J . C . King, used the " overdominance hypothesis " to develop the " balance position ", which left a larger place for overdominance ( where the heterozygous state of a gene is more fit than the homozygous states ).
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