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  1. McKeever's parents homesteaded in the Northwest Angle in 1912.
  2. Enumclaw itself was homesteaded in 1879 by Frank and Mary Stevenson.
  3. Numerous European immigrants homesteaded the newly available lands on the Plains.
  4. De Seyssel homesteaded on Tsp 13-Rge 15-W3.
  5. Settlers first homesteaded in the Semans area as early as 1904.
  6. The farm was homesteaded in the 1840s by settlers from Tennessee.
  7. The Grimms homesteaded property near modern-day Victoria, Minnesota.
  8. Bert Swisher and Thomas Dixon homesteaded on Cheyenne Mountain in 1917.
  9. Finnish immigrants first homesteaded the prairie north of Cokato in 1866.
  10. Porter's grandfather homesteaded on Alkali Creek in 1904.

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