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  1. He added to his holdings using the California homestead laws.
  2. Within a year more than 250 people claimed plots in accordance with federal homestead law.
  3. Over the years, other bounty land and homestead laws were enacted to dispose of federal land.
  4. Known as the Exodusters, they were lured by the prospect of good, cheap Homestead Law land and better treatment.
  5. His influence was heavily felt in the provision of rights for blacks in homestead law and at public school.
  6. But Gonzalez argued in earlier debate that the populist homestead law dating to the Texas Republic still protects the public.
  7. The state is appealing to the Supreme Court, but Gonzalez wants to make sure the Texas Homestead law stays intact.
  8. With the passage of new homestead laws in 1909 enabling homesteaders to take out larger acreages, the area saw an influx of dryland farmers.
  9. Under the new homestead law, settlers began purchasing the  even-numbered sections from the state for the benefit of the Common School Fund in 1883.
  10. Allodial titles were subject to exemptions from seizure in debt or bankruptcy under homestead laws; however, property could be seized if used in a criminal enterprise.


  1. a law conferring privileges on owners of homesteads

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