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  1. After that, he says, it may be " basically a holding operation ."
  2. Eugene's holding operation, and his pressure for action leading up to the battle, proved crucial for the Allied success.
  3. Attacks against II Corps were reduced to holding operations and the front opposite the French at Arras was kept passive.
  4. G . H . de Silva was in commanded of the 2 Brigade Group, tasked on Deception planning and Holding Operations.
  5. The expanding FirstGroup acquired People's Provincial in 1995 and the Transit Holdings operation, by now trading as Red Admiral and Blue Admiral in 1996.
  6. But when it comes to labor, it seems like very much of a holding operation, with no really new initiatives or changes from past practices.
  7. "It was a holding operation, where the international community had turned its attention elsewhere, " Jessen-Petersen said . " A sense of urgency was no longer there ."
  8. G . H . de Silva Commanded 2 Brigade Group, tasked on Deception planning and Holding Operations, whilst being the Overall Operations Commander for the Vadamarachchi Operation in 1987.
  9. The Conservatives made scant tax concessions in the budget, widely seen as a holding operation before cutting taxes ahead of the next election, due by the spring of 1997.
  10. In 2013, Accion expanded into the Philippines, joining other investors to create a $ 24-million holding operation company dedicated to building capacity in provincial banks focused on underserved areas of the country.
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