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  1. The vast majority of these nations are found within the Holarctic.
  2. They are distributed throughout the Holarctic, particularly in the Palearctic.
  3. Their distribution also makes up most of the Holarctic realm.
  4. The Phycinae have spread to the Afrotropical and the Holarctic.
  5. Oligolophinae are holarctic, with most species found in Europe.
  6. There are approximately 100 mostly holarctic species and subspecies in this genus.
  7. Taxonomic revision of the Holarctic diving beetle genus " Acilius"
  8. They resemble, but are not closely related to, the Holarctic treecreepers.
  9. They are distributed across the Holarctic and Neotropic ecozones.
  10. They are most abundant and diverse in the Holarctic and African biogeographic regions.
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