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  1. The company introduced new technology such as the KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine and the KONE MonoSpace elevator technology concept in 1996.
  2. To lift 37, 000 tons of material, including over 4 million bricks, he invented hoisting machines and lewissons for hoisting large stones.
  3. Some of the machines and equipment was disassembled, including an electrical hoisting machine from the Regis Shaft, and transported to Liebenau in the Sudetes mountains.
  4. The report concluded that 4 percent of those youngsters worked too many hours or held prohibited jobs-- such as operating power hoisting machines, working on roofs or driving trucks.
  5. Bradford s first task was to secure the completion of the rail spur and procure carts, horses, tools, hoisting machines and materials with which to build the main building and other buildings.
  6. Monday, a crew of workers, with a hoisting machine adapted from the logging industry, gingerly lifted one 30-year-old cylinder off its rotting wooden supports, gave it a quick inspection and stacked it nearby on a new concrete stand.
  7. In 1883, the Boskydell quarries were purchased by a stone merchant in Chicago, Mr . Rawles, who installed about forty thousand dollars'worth of modern machinery, including hoisting machines, dressing machines, steam drills, saws, and a gravity railroad from the quarries to the Illinois Central Railway.
  8. Contrary to a popularly held belief, cranes on medieval building sites were neither placed on the extremely lightweight scaffolding used at the time nor on the thin walls of the Gothic churches which were incapable of supporting the weight of both hoisting machine and load.
  9. He invented a new hoisting machine for raising the masonry needed for the dome, a task no doubt inspired by republication of Vitruvius "'De Architectura ", which describes Roman machines used in the 1st century AD to build large structures such as the Pantheon and the Baths of Diocletian, structures still standing which he would have seen for himself.

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