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  1. :The OED spells it hoick and suggests it derives from hike, earliest cite 1898.
  2. Bangladesh captain, Habibul Bashar then came and went with suicidal hoick when he was on three.
  3. BTW hoick also means spit probably from " hawk " which is what I feel like doing when I hear some political discussions.
  4. I understand it to mean something like " pull up " as in " he hoiked his socks up " but according to the OED hoick also is a variant of " yoicks " said to excite hunting dogs, earliest cite 1607 which also sounds like what you are describing.
  5. Big Trev, uncle of Mark Hohns ( Broadbeach Cats Midfielder ), was largely unheralded during the 1989 Ashes series, which among his wickets included deceiving England's Ian Botham in the fourth Test at Old Trafford, who was bowled for a duck after missing a charging hoick.
  6. The restoration work was criticised by The Victorian Society saying that the needs of the corporate hospitality market were put ahead of the preservation of the historic fabric of the ship . " Building Design " magazine awarded the project its Carbuncle Cup for the worst new building completed in 2012 saying " The scheme's myriad failings stem from one calamitous choice : the decision to hoick the 154-year-old clipper close to three metres into the air on canted steel props ."

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