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  1. Hogmanay is now one of the largest outdoor events in Europe.
  2. In Scotland, an equally enthusiastic celebration called Hogmanay is observed.
  3. The festival of Hogmanay is celebrated on new year s day.
  4. A television version was made by Scottish Television for Hogmanay 1988.
  5. The Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations are among the largest in the world.
  6. It is the sequel to the 2006 short film Haunted Hogmanay.
  7. I also had no idea of the scope or popularity of Hogmanay.
  8. It has grown to become part of the official Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations.
  9. The town has traditionally held a huge bonfire at Hogmanay.
  10. They also appeared at Stirling's Hogmanay in 2008.
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