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  1. Georgia could have easily been outshown by Sadie's histrionics.
  2. Stiff acting, beautiful people, studied histrionics, laughable dialogue?
  3. The film then struggles with overkill and histrionics instead of logic.
  4. Indeed, it was a day for history, not histrionics.
  5. The real case wasn't a thing of courtroom histrionics.
  6. Never does Pfeiffer trade on her looks or resort to histrionics.
  7. Her antic scramble is Close's finest hour of histrionics.
  8. There was no ranting and raving, no histrionics or theatrics.
  9. The altercation escalated quickly from the usual exchange of prefight histrionics.
  10. She emoted well with convincing histrionics fit for Telugu screen ."
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  1. a performance of a play
    synonyms:, ,
  2. a deliberate display of emotion for effect

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