hire charges meaning in Hindi

hire charges sentence in Hindi

भाड़ा प्रभार
भाड़ा व्यय
भाडा व्यय
hire:    पारिश्रमिक भाड़ा
charges:    शुल्क प्रभार खर्च
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  1. Tuesday, Aronwald said his client was innocent of the federal murder-for-hire charges.
  2. He often refused, under various pretexts, to pay the venue hire charge.
  3. Her arrest on murder-for-hire charges hit Brownsville like a bolt of lightning.
  4. Police said Friday the youth had been arrested on murder-for-hire charges.
  5. Danton and Wolfmeyer, 19, both face federal murder-for-hire charges.
  6. Because of the murder-for-hire charge, the death sentence can be considered if a conviction is returned in the case.
  7. A jury found Vincent Scarabino, 60, guilty of federal murder-for-hire charges following a 10-day trial in Brooklyn federal court.
  8. Davis was acquitted of capital murder in the girl's slaying and of murder-for-hire charges in connection with his divorce case.
  9. The day after they declared themselves at a standstill, jurors considering murder-for-hire charges against Rabbi Fred Neulander resumed deliberations Friday.
  10. Since then, a Dallas police officer has been jailed on a murder-for-hire charge for allegedly plotting to have the football star killed.
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