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  1. Normally, in the absence of the Higgs mechanism, massless Goldstone bosons arise.
  2. That's how the Higgs mechanism works and leads to spontaneous symmetry breaking.
  3. The Higgs mechanism is a type of superconductivity which occurs in the vacuum.
  4. The Higgs mechanism giving mass to other particles has not been observed yet.
  5. This type of spontaneous symmetry breaking is the essential component of the Higgs mechanism.
  6. One explanation, the Higgs mechanism, was forwarded by the 1964 PRL symmetry breaking papers.
  7. :Vacuum metastability and the Higgs mechanism are two different things.
  8. This is the dynamical version of the Higgs mechanism.
  9. This construction is utilized in the Higgs mechanism in the standard model of particle physics.
  10. The Proca action is the gauge-fixed version of the Stueckelberg action via the Higgs mechanism.

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