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पदानुक्रमिक श्रृंखला
hierarchical:    अधिक्रिमक
chain:    पराधीनता बंधन
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  1. The Civil Air Patrol is organized along a military model, with a streamlined and strictly hierarchical chain of command.
  2. A cabinet-style management team has already replaced a hierarchical chain of command under which dozens of autonomous officials all reported directly to Annan.
  3. What happens if you've been in an environment where work teams make decisions, and this organization has a hierarchical chain of command?
  4. From the 1040s onwards successive popes had emphasised the importance of the church being governed more effectively from Rome, and had established an independent judicial system and hierarchical chain of authority.
  5. As long as it exists at all, its lethal properties demand that it be controlled by a centralized, rigidly hierarchical chain of command closed to all influences that might make its workings unpredictable.
  6. The shareholders appoint the executives of the corporation, who are the ones running the corporation via a hierarchical chain of power, where the bulk of investor decisions are made at the top and have effects on those beneath them.
  7. It is commonly seen that nowadays most of the organisations have a clear set of hierarchical chains where people in the upper level come up with plans pass them down to their subordinates known as executors, who then carry them out.
  8. He introduced a hierarchical chain of command into the DRK, and arranged for a new large and imposing " representative "-presidential building to be constructed in Potsdam-Babelsberg, complete with a balcony from which speeches could be made.
  9. They then admit only best students, who in turn flock to the schools with the best reputations _ for otherwise, who knows what kind of an education they are going to get ? And so it goes all up and down the hierarchical chain.
  10. The crew forms a miniature society in which each member must participate in creating a cohesive group narrative to alter the nature of reality, which causes the travel . " The Shobies'Story " is notable because Le Guin replaces the traditional militaristic and hierarchical chain of command used in traditional space travel with voluntary consensus.
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