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  1. Receptor desensitization, whether heterologous or homologous, may contribute to human pathology.
  2. Nonliving vaccines provided no protection against the heterologous organism.
  3. Most heterologous proteins are expressed in the cytoplasm of " E . coli ".
  4. It is capable of activating transcription approximately 4-fold either on homologous or heterologous promoters.
  5. In a heterologous association, each protomer contributes a different set of residues to the binding interface.
  6. "E . coli " is a very versatile host for the production of heterologous proteins,
  7. This is a challenging field because parasite proteins are often more difficult to express using a heterologous system.
  8. The cysteine-rich region of NSP1 is not considered essential for genome segment reassortment with heterologous virus.
  9. In general, such heterologous seeding is less efficient than is seeding by a corrupted form of the same protein.
  10. In G i class . cAMP-dependent PKA mediated phosphorylation can cause heterologous desensitisation in receptors other than those activated.


  1. derived from organisms of a different but related species; "a heterologous graft"
  2. not corresponding in structure or evolutionary origin

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