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  1. Researchers believe that's due, in part, to a phenomenon called herd immunity.
  2. Herd immunity from female vaccination does not, however, extend to homosexual males.
  3. Increasing herd immunity also helps people who have a compromised immune system.
  4. Increasing herd immunity and requiring vaccination in children helps decrease this risk.
  5. The higher the herd immunity, the more mosquitoes necessary to start an epidemic.
  6. Herd immunity can only be achieved when vaccination levels are high.
  7. What keeps outbreaks in check, is something called herd immunity.
  8. This is especially true if a herd immunity already exists to the disease in question.
  9. High levels of immunity in one age group can create herd immunity for other age groups.
  10. Herd immunity is an important supplement to vaccination.

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