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ऊष्मा परामर्शिका
heat:    वेग संताप गरम करना
advisory:    चेतावनी
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  1. Heat advisories were issued for the northerain Gulf Coast, Texas and Arkansas.
  2. They are also occasionally used to clear counties from severe weather heat advisories.
  3. Heat advisories and heat warnings continue to be posted.
  4. The National Weather Service issued heat advisories in parts of north and southeastern Texas.
  5. So far, this area has been placed under heat advisories and heat warnings.
  6. In the heat advisories and excessive heat warnings when unusual periods of hot weather are expected.
  7. The National Weather Service has kept Kansas City's weather status at the heat advisory level.
  8. A heat advisory remains in effect today across the Valley, with temperatures expected to hit 113 degrees.
  9. In Kansas City, there are three levels of urgency : heat advisory, heat alert and heat emergency.
  10. The Combined Health District of Montgomery County, Ohio, does not include the mentally ill in its heat advisories.
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