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  1. One headstone is a rock crucifix embedded with pieces of seashell.
  2. The Cemetery of the Evergreens donated a plot and a headstone.
  3. Zion Cemetery, where they both made headstones and dug graves.
  4. In tidy rows from bottom to top are the white headstones.
  5. For one grave, however, there is a bronze headstone.
  6. The squarish headstone is flush with the ground and swept clean.
  7. That means no climbing on monuments and no sitting on headstones.
  8. There are now relatively few Chinese headstones left on the hill.
  9. Harris-Lewis does not have a headstone for her husband.
  10. Q . How can I clean old headstone or grave markers?
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  1. a stone that is used to mark a grave
  2. the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

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