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भर्ती कराने वाला कार्यकर्ता
शत्रुओं का सिर इकट्ठा करने वाला जंगली
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  1. It's a trend that's making headhunters ecstatic.
  2. Sounds like the sort of credentials a corporate headhunter might admire.
  3. He'd have been better off staying with the headhunters.
  4. Now they must contend with pushy headhunters as well as hackers.
  5. There were a number of headhunters targeting people in our company.
  6. The Dallas-based airline is turning its passengers into headhunters.
  7. A Borneo headhunter's chair costs $ 1, 500.
  8. Most important, perhaps, is that TMP is a headhunter.
  9. Nick Corcodilos, author and career guru at Ask the Headhunter.
  10. When headhunters came wooing in 1989, he rebuffed their advances.
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  1. a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies
  2. a recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)

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