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  1. Hastiness would almost trip him again before he left high school.
  2. Instead, selfishness, miscommunication and hastiness destroyed this potential marriage.
  3. His greatest handicap is his eagerness, which could turn into hastiness.
  4. The hastiness with which the document appeared is also of serious concern.
  5. The two groups issued a joint statement questioning the hastiness of the verdict.
  6. Due to the hastiness of the German attack the Russian army emerged victorious.
  7. I agree with sf46's comment on the hastiness of this nomination.
  8. :: Sorry about the hastiness.
  9. Seaga won with 79 percent of the vote, but delegates criticized him for the hastiness of the process.
  10. The funeral " by its hastiness and unpreparedness is yet another insult to the royal martyrs,"
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  1. hasty impulsiveness
  2. overly eager speed (and possible carelessness); "he soon regretted his haste"
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