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haricot:    सालन सफेद फली
bean:    थोड़ा पैसा बीज
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  1. The main cash crops include pepper, maize, teff, sorghum, haricot beans and wheat.
  2. The haricot beans and black-eyed beans are also common.
  3. Important cash crops include corn, wheat, barley, horse beans, haricot beans, local varieties of cabbage, and shallots.
  4. Since its founding in April 2008, ECX has become fully operational, currently trading coffee, sesame, haricot beans, maize, and wheat.
  5. Conquistador Hernando Cortes introduces crops from the New World, including cocoa, vanilla, sweet potatoes, and, most important, haricot beans, to Spain.
  6. Teff, wheat, barley, maize, millet and sorghum from cereals, horse beans, peas and haricot beans from pulses are important crops grown in Amuru Jarte.
  7. The cassoulet variant favoured in the town is based on the local haricot bean ( which is the subject of a duck confit, pork, and Toulouse sausage.
  8. During the war years, the homes were never short of food, although potatoes were unobtainable for a few months in 1917, and haricot beans were unavailable for a considerable period.
  9. A menu staple is the local specialty, Cassoulet : a savory but high-cholesterol casserole of haricot beans and pork sausage, bacon, pig's knuckles and pork rind _ with pepper, garlic and goose fat for extra flavor.
  10. The dish called cassoulet has its roots in the New World discovery of haricot beans, which are central to the dish's creation but had not existed outside of the New World until its exploration by Christopher Columbus.
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