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  1. Users can browse through Wikipedia like they would a hard copy encyclopedia.
  2. The only hard copies were given out with " Riddim " magazine.
  3. The summary will be available in hard copy and over the Internet.
  4. What can I do to get a hard copy of the text?
  5. How about the 1987 newspaper thriller " Hard Copy " on CBS?
  6. It was someone from the tabloid television show " Hard Copy ."
  7. :The hard copy sources must be published for them to be useable.
  8. The encyclopaedia and updates are available in both hard copy and online
  9. You leave that person with a hard copy of all your information.
  10. It was made available for hard copy purchase on 22 September 2014.


  1. (computer science) matter that is held in a computer and is typed or printed on paper; "he ran off a hard copy of the report"

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