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  1. And halogen radiance won't be confined to the Hub.
  2. Another peculiarity of halogen is high wattage and high operating temperatures.
  3. Now, we're left hallucinating from the halogen effect.
  4. Strobe lights, black lights and halogen bulbs over 100 watts.
  5. Black leather slip-ons from Halogen ( $ 180 ).
  6. Most projectors use color correct UV-free halogen light sources.
  7. A note of caution : Some halogen fixtures generate tremendous heat.
  8. Compounds containing more than one kind of halogen are also possible.
  9. Common oxidizing agents are oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and the halogens.
  10. Some possible dopants are halogens and group IV and V atoms.


  1. any of five related nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and readily form negative ions

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