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  1. But I couldn't stand another night of cat halitosis.
  2. Smokers also have a tendency to develop halitosis or bad breath.
  3. Not all who think they have halitosis have a genuine problem.
  4. However, not all halitosis is so hard to treat.
  5. The American Dental Association has produced a brochure on halitosis.
  6. Thanks, too, for not mentioning my halitosis and body odor.
  7. Thus he was a super-callused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis.
  8. History proves that our ancestors knew the embarrassment of halitosis.
  9. It is also produced in the mouth ( halitosis ).
  10. See the related article on tonsilloliths for another possible cause of halitosis.


  1. offensive breath

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