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haemolytic anaemia sentence in Hindi
रुधिरलायी रक्ताल्पता
रक्तलायी अरक्तता

रक्तसंलायी अरक्तता
रक्तसंलायी लक्षण अरक्तता
रुधिरलयी अरक्‍तता
सूक्ष्मवाहिकाविकारी रक्लसंलायी अरक्तता
haemolytic:    रक्त असंलायी रक्त
anaemia:    रक्तक्षीणता
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  1. The cell lyses and a haemolytic anaemia results.
  2. Mildly affected patients experience a compensated haemolytic anaemia because mutations affect stability of the enzyme.
  3. The Schumm test is used to differentiate intravascular haemolysis from extravascular haemolysis, as in haemolytic anaemias.
  4. Stomatin is a 31 kDa integral membrane protein, named after the rare human haemolytic anaemia hereditary stomatocytosis.
  5. Nalidixic acid may also cause convulsions and hyperglycaemia, photosensitivity reactions, and sometimes haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia or leukopenia.
  6. Cases of Haemolytic anaemia have been described after ingestion of Suya, possibly as a result of adulteration of food additives.
  7. It is characterized by a tower-shaped dilatation of the diploe, and no signs of thalassaemia, sickle cell or other haemolytic anaemia.
  8. A clinically significant haemolytic anaemia occurs only in 5-10 % of sufferers, with a strong bias towards those with more severe subtypes of the disorder.
  9. One of the major consequences of infection by red blood cells infecting Anaplasma is the development of haemolytic anaemia due to the damage done to red blood cells.
  10. Depending on dose consumed, catechins and their metabolites can bind to red blood cells and possibly induce release of autoantibodies, resulting in haemolytic anaemia and renal failure.

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