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  1. The iron atom from this haem group undergoes redox reactions:
  2. Two histidine residues from each subunit coordinate the haem.
  3. Givat HaEm was the site of combat during the Six-Day War.
  4. Cytochromes are conjugate proteins that contain a " haem " group.
  5. The immediate precursor to haem is protoporphyrin IX ( PPIX ), an effective photosensitiser.
  6. The haem molecule is synthesised from glycine and succinyl coenzyme A ( succinyl CoA ).
  7. Hemopexin prevents haem-mediated oxidative stress.
  8. Most haem peroxidases follow the reaction scheme:
  9. The oxygen dependent enzyme haem-oxidase has also been put forward as a hypoxia sensor.
  10. For example, blood is red because the haem pigment needed to carry oxygen is red.
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  1. a complex red organic pigment containing iron and other atoms to which oxygen binds
    synonyms:heme, hematin, haemitin, protoheme

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