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हैक्सॉ ब्लेड
hacksaw:    धातु काटने की आरी
blade:    धार पत्ती फल फलक
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  1. Inside the boxes, police recovered body parts and hacksaw blades, Guidice said.
  2. If these methods fail, saw the nut off with a hacksaw blade.
  3. It might have been just a small piece of a hacksaw blade.
  4. You can also use a hacksaw blade to cut holding nails.
  5. Police found two hacksaw blades in the water near the statue.
  6. The company was founded in 1915 by ten employees to produce hacksaw blades.
  7. A . Try cutting the heads off with a hacksaw blade.
  8. Cut these with a hacksaw blade, then pull the frame out.
  9. Or you could cut it off with a hacksaw blade.
  10. Using a hacksaw blade in a saber saw will guarantee chipping of all edges.
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